Wedding Photography Miami Tips

Wedding Photography Miami Tips

Tips on Wedding Photography That Will Capture the Best Moments of the Wedding

Learning about photography from videos is okay, but it will be more effective if you try it on your own. Wedding photography is one of the most accessible genres that you can excel at because you will not have to play around with a lot of your camera settings. Here are a few tips that will help to make you a better wedding photographer Miami expert:

1.    Keep the aperture low

Wedding photography is all about taking candid shots most of the time. You will want the background to be a blur as possible. So, it will be best if you use a 70  300 mm lens and keep the aperture to as low as f/4.5. However, if you are taking group photographs, then make sure that you have a medium aperture; somewhere around f/8 or f/10 will do the job. The more light enters through the lens, the better the photograph will look.

2.    Take the couple shots before the guests arrive

If the couple has already thought of some of the poses they are going to be in while you take the photographs, then try to follow that. You can also put your own ideas, but all these things have to be done before the guests start to arrive. You will be able to take as many pictures as possible and select the best from the lot.

3.    Try to keep a distance between the background and the person

This will give a delicate balance to the photo. The person in the picture will become more prominent than a photo that’s taken right in front of the wall. There will be room for creating a depth in the field. If you are taking the photos of the bride and groom, the ideal place will be in the garden. It has the appropriate depth to create sharp images of the couple.

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