Learn The Trends

Learn The Trends

You need to know and monitor the current trends of the market. For example, in cosmetics, patterns are now Russia, Korea, and Japan. If you enter brands from these countries into the lineup, it is likely that you will be lucky. If you decide to take goods that are apparently out of trend (for example, products from Turkey or Arab countries are currently selling poorly), they will be challenging to develop.

You can google it, which is now relevant. You should read the same beauty bloggers, articles about cosmetics. There are many exciting things. If you spend a few days, you can quite understand what is happening in the market. It is necessary only not to be lazy.

When we started our business, we spent three months trying to determine our niche. We did not just come to cosmetics: we went through a lot of options – from selling gold to spare parts. In the end, we stopped on cosmetics, because the capacity of the market was significant. And determined that the trend is now on natural cosmetics. Therefore, we started as a store of natural cosmetics.

Look For A Niche

The big mistake of beginning entrepreneurs is to bet on the same assortment that everyone has. For example, the brands of the mass market segment, which are everywhere on the shelves – in “Auchan,” “Pyaterochka,” other networks. Beginning entrepreneurs believe that the brand is fresh, accessible, and therefore – it is necessary to sell it. In fact, when choosing this brand, one must understand that the small entrepreneur will not receive precisely such conditions that large offline stores and Internet shops accept.

The second point is the extra charge for the mass-market penny. You need to be prepared for the fact that the goods will not be profitable, not marginal, on it you will not earn anything.