How To Make A Successful Small Trading Business

How To Make A Successful Small Trading Business

The distribution company CityNature began in 2012 as an online store of natural cosmetics. Today she is engaged in the promotion and sale of hundreds of brands of cosmetics, perfumes and household chemicals, and her annual turnover is 100 million rubles.

Sell Not What You Like, But What The Market Needs

Many are trying to sell what they want themselves. They think, if they wish to, then this product will be exciting for everyone. But this is a huge mistake.

If you want to start with the formation of the assortment, use the service “Yandex.Wordstat”. Enter the name of the product you want to deal with, with the word “buy.” And the system will show how many times a month this brand was asked through the search engine. If you are often asked, perhaps they should be engaged. This is a trivial way to check whether the brand is known and attractive to the consumer or not.

If you are starting a new brand on the market, then see if they ask the category that it represents. Let’s say you want to sell a sponge for a brand. Accordingly, in this case, in Yandex. Wordstat you need to look at how many times you have asked to buy wool.